Cocktail Catering



Our skilled bartenders and service perfectionists always ensure to create an extraordinary experience at your event or occasion. We have an extensive repertoire of cocktails ranging from old-school classics to modern style twists, topped with some of our award-winning creations. We take pride in using only the highest quality products in order to provide top quality results.

We provide all necessary products and equipment, as well as event theme consulting and cocktail pre-tastings to help you decide the best setup for you. Please contact us so we can tailor your catering event.




With over a decade of experience in mixology and bartender training for prestigious cocktail bars and clubs, we now offer our entertaining and informative cocktail crafting courses to everyone. Whether you want an engaging activity for you and your friends, or wish to impress a business partner at a dinner party, we will create the course that you need.

You don’t have to be a cocktail gourmand to take part in our courses, but you will definitely become one after. Please contact us so we can tailor a course that satisfies your needs.




To all the spirit lovers, we offer our intimate whisk(e)y, rum, gin and agave tastings at your chosen location. We believe in quality over quantity; drinking less but drinking better. In our tasting sessions you will sample six high quality spirits, get a glimpse of their history and means of making, and ultimately be able to distinguish between different styles of your chosen spirits.

We have specific spirit selections prepared for our tastings, but are glad to cater to your unique requests. Please contact us so we can customize a tasting that satisfies your needs.

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